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“Mom, I know. I really don’t need to hear this.”

Parents have often repeated the same messages about safe driving. Teens have heard these same messages about safe driving over and over again. Are parents speaking upon deaf ears? Do new drivers have a false sense of confidence behind the wheel?

IKnowEverything highlights the issues of drunk driving and distracted driving, to both parents and young adult drivers. Parents have a huge influence on their teen’s driving behaviors, so it is important to have conversations early and often about responsible behavior behind the wheel. The statistics in this infographic will help foster those conversations and present the facts—that teens often make critical mistakes when it comes to driving.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. More than one in four teens admit that they text while driving, and among high school students, in the past 30 days 20% say that they have ridden in a car with a driver who had been drinking. These statistics are shocking, and conversations about safe driving are the key to improving them and saving lives.

So, parents, what do you do?

You want your kids to be safe drivers. We want to do all what we can to keep teenagers from harm. For parents of teen drivers, this means talking about how to stay safe. Have a plan. Know the law. Be aware of the consequences of breaking the law. has compiled teen driver safety laws and information that you can learn and share with your child as they prepare to take the wheel.

Mom and dad, they do hear you—every word. And they know that you – above all others – want them to be safe. Parents’ words are a powerful influence on their kids’ behaviors, even though it may not always seem like it.