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 Teens are overly confident and think they’re invincible. Most parents have years of driving experience and feel they are qualified instructors to teach their own children how to drive safely. Everyone thinks they know everything.

Teen Drivers

“Mom, I know. I really don’t need to hear this.”

We understand the struggle – teens have heard messages about safe driving and parents have repeated messages about safe driving. Developed to prepare teens to be safe behind the wheel, IKnowEverything is an integrated effort that highlights the issues of drunk driving and distracted driving...

IKnowEverything Challenge Event at Clyde A. Erwin High School in Asheville, NC.

Watch the IKnowEverything 30 second video and see how teens think they know everything...about everything!

of IKE Challenge students didn’t know how to safely get home when their driver has been drinking alcohol
of teens killed in fatal car crashes in 2013 had been participating in underage drinking

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