Face the Truth. Be Courageous.

When I was young, I used to read a book series by the same author of the Sweet Valley High franchise. The novel series was called Fearless and it centered around the protagonist Gaia, a girl born without the "fear gene". As you might expect of this genre, it was geared towards teens, so when… Continue reading Face the Truth. Be Courageous.

A Simple Framework to Begin Building Willpower

Willpower. Perhaps you’ve described yourself or another as having or lacking it. It could have been in relation to any concept that requires the ability to delay gratification and resist short-term temptations to meet long-term goals. We often think of willpower in terms of exerting some degree of effort to regulate ourselves from something -… Continue reading A Simple Framework to Begin Building Willpower

Being Six Again

This is a call to try something neat today. And a reminder of the power of remaining open, eager, and lacking preconceptions in your experiences. Sunryu Suzuki, a Zen teacher, calls this concept "Beginner's Mind" and it speaks to having a curious, child-like perception of the world - one in which we see things with… Continue reading Being Six Again

Helping Others Change

Why is it that when we sometimes try to help others by immediately telling them what to do, our advice or suggestions fall flat? It's natural in our relationships to see or hear someone's problems and then try to fix them. Advice mode. It's a mode I used to tap into frequently with my family… Continue reading Helping Others Change

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

This past summer, my husband and I cut our electricity usage and ensuing electricity bill by half compared to the summer the year before. It seems almost obvious to want to save electricity and therefore money. Plus, during the prime of the Texas summer, Houston's electricity grid is subject to rolling blackouts. Electricity companies will… Continue reading What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Thanksgiving and the Post-Feast Dilemma

This morning I enjoyed the latest article from Peter Attia, M.D. and it even made me laugh out loud! It discusses the age-old question of “…how can we prevent holiday eating from derailing our health and fitness goals?” It reminds me of the profound power in consistency but also of the fatal flaw in perfection.… Continue reading Thanksgiving and the Post-Feast Dilemma