What is Health Coaching?

Think of it as a partnership. I partner with you in creating and sustaining change.

Health coaches are specialists in the art, science, and practice of behavior change. It is precisely what I completed a rigorous year-long program to study and immerse myself in. What I have learned has been extremely valuable in helping patients in my own practice as a physician assistant and in my own life.

A fact I know to be true is that knowledge is usually not enough. Simply telling someone how to “be healthy” rarely leads to long-term action. We’ve heard over and over how to live a healthy lifestyle and we know what we should do, but that does not make actually doing the behavior any less difficult.

This is where I come in. I will meet you where you are and hold you as the expert of your own life. I will support you in discovering your own path, motivations, and unique ability to create change within yourself. I will help facilitate the process of change.

This goes beyond the obvious goal-setting tactics that you could do on your own without the help of a health coach. I guide you in first defining your optimal vision of health and wellness and then partner alongside you in developing a plan to make it happen.

The bottom line is that changing your behaviors is the single most important step you can take in not only preventing and reversing chronic disease but also living a life full of vibrant health.

It starts with you. Imagine yourself planting a seed. If change is a seed, then I will help you prepare the soil. My skillset is helping you build new habits and making changes last.

Even though change can be challenging, you’re not alone in this. I will walk alongside you in your journey to leading a healthy sustainable lifestyle.