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Responsibility is a word we hear often. It can mean different things in different circumstances and the meaning can change from time to time or situation to situation. The charge to be responsible is a serious one – we’re asked to be responsible for ourselves and take responsibility for our actions. But do we also have a responsibility for others and for our communities?

At, we discuss alcohol responsibility every day. However, we realize it is a critical topic that nobody appears to define or discuss in exactly the same way. We wanted to hear your thoughts and perspectives, so in early 2016, we held our first Open Conversations series in Seattle, Dallas and Chicago. Our goal was to spark a conversation about this important topic and bring a diverse group of community stakeholders together to listen to each other’s’ views.

As you’ll see in the video and downloadable PDF below, we learned a lot! We’re excited to continue the Open Conversations series this year. We had an enlightening discussion in Phoenix in March and will head to Denver and Miami later this year.

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