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How to Talk to Kids About Alcohol

Our team, both past and present, of parenting influencers, have discussed every topic from the first time you’re caught off guard when they ask “can I have a sip of that?” to when they’re faced with peer pressure as tweens or teens. These stages of parenting are nuanced and each parent has their own take for their own family. Read their stories to prevent underage drinking.

My Child Sipped Alcohol - Now What?

If your kid asks for a sip of your drink, do you know what you’ll say?

Talking to Kids About Drinking During the Holidays

Parties, traditions and planning ahead: Parenting during the holidays has its own challenges.

How a Parent's Drinking Affects Your Child

Parents are the #1 influence on their kid’s decision to drink or not to drink alcohol.

Children & Alcohol: When to Start Talking?

It’s never too early to start talking about alcohol. Do you know how to answer these initial questions?

Social Media Influence on Alcohol

Whether you realize it or not, your kids see how you talk online: About friendships, alcohol and much more.

Parents & Alcohol: How to Deal With Stress

Hear how other parents cope with stress and how to model coping skills in front of kids.

Talking to Kids About Peer Pressure to Drink

Techniques to help your kids say NO to alcohol.

The Impact of Alcohol on the Developing Brain

Free tools and resources that explain alcohol’s effect on the developing brain. Includes a video series!

Talking to Your Kids About the Risks of Alcohol

It can start as a text, or a simple hello – but talking about alcohol doesn’t have to be daunting.

Alcohol & Parenting: How to Build Trust

Establishing trust at an early age paves the way for your kids to come to you when they really need you most.

Alcohol During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Global pandemic was a life-altering event that we continue to navigate. Talk to kids about what they are seeing, how to address struggles, and how to cope with uncertainty and stress mindfully.

Educational Information about Alcohol

It's never too late to learn! Understanding alcohol helps you model more responsibly behaviors for your kids.

Mental Health and Self Love

Not every conversation is about alcohol. But understanding emotions and self-regulation can lead to healthier, more responsibly decision-making.

Parenting Advice

We could all use some tips on parenting our kids to become responsible adults.

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